IRC Book Club Episode 18 – Blount ‘Objections’ Chapters 3 & 4

We said last week that we’d have some killer takeaways from this book? Well, we weren’t wrong…

I think a lot of sales people act with good intent, but I’m not sure society thinks the same – this topic crops up in Chapters 3 & 4 of Jeb Blount’s ‘Objections’ – which, I have to say is getting better and better as we read on.

We also chat about conditional responses towards salespeople and why these have come about.

Jonny makes the comment that ‘there is a sound of a salesperson making a rubbish call and that you can hear it in their tone’ – do you agree?

We also share some banter about how we don’t know how many salespeople we’ve met who don’t understand why their sales career isn’t working – and it’s more often than not, predominantly at an identity level, they aren’t congruent with their career. And what’s worse, customer/interviews can smell this on them.