IRC Book Club Episode 19 – Blount ‘Objections’ Chapters 5, 6, 7 & 8

We’re racing through Jeb Blount’s ‘Objections’ this week, covering why people shouldn’t be afraid of cold-calling, how we suss out the ones who are and why they aren’t successful salespeople.

We also ask the question: do all salespeople respond to objections in the same way?

Our thoughts: objections are a request for more information and they’re a sign that your prospect is still engaged – don’t confuse objection with rejection. Salespeople are in a contact sport, it’s part of the game – you’re going to get hit with rejections and objections – your task is to then condition your response to deal with these

Our verdict: This book feels like a magnifying glass into things that I’ve already been told – but this guy tells it more simply and I wish I’d read this one first. It’s helped us.


Next week we’re getting into more specific objection handling techniques