IRC Book Club Episode 20 – Blount ‘Objections’ Chapters 9 & 10

‘Ask the Right Questions’

Our thoughts: Objections you get are often created by the questions you ask – “Are you free” – oh there’s an objection I walked straight into.

The longer we’ve been IT recruitment consultants, the better we’ve gotten at asking questions that lead us down a certain path and away from the obvious traps that are going to create certain objections.

Some people have an aura to which others simply don’t object to – If you put a good enough candidate in front of a client – they’re going to overlook any faults e.g. package, track record

One of the most important questions you can ever ask at the interview stage is: ‘are you the decision maker?’

For a lot of objections, if you listen enough – often they’ll count – if you listen hard enough and reflect enough – the person in the conversation will hear their own words allowing them to process their thoughts – I’ve found that if you shut up, the client closes the objection themselves by reasoning – unless he out silences you!

Prospecting objections – everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the face – at some point you’ve got to pick up the phone and see what happens.