IRC Book Club #2 – The Challenger Customer

In this episode of The IRC sales book club, we are joined by Glenn Burdett – Sales Director of K3 to discuss “The Challenger Customer” by Adamson, Dixon, Spenner and Toman. As salespeople, we read a lot of books and we chose this one for debate and discussion because it’s very much on the leading […]

BY: Michael Price | August 16, 2016


A PINT WITH JG EPISODE #5: Sales Camouflage

Join Jonathan Graham for a pint and his insight into “Sales Camouflage”, and the propensity for some senior level salespeople to begin to walk, talk, live and breathe like the market in which they work.

BY: Michael Price | June 24, 2016


IRC Book Club #1 – The Trusted Advisor

Welcome to IRC book club where we bring you fascinating insight into a sales or business text with a live studio panel. For the inaugural episode, we decided to talk about ” The Trusted Advisor” by David Maister, Charles Green and Robert Galford. The panel consisted of: Myself (Jonathan Graham) Christina Bow – Regional Vice […]

BY: Michael Price | June 9, 2016


When the robots come for us salespeople what will we do?

I read this piece the other day, and it really got me thinking. I was genuinely an early internet pioneer. In the 80’s I had a BBC Micro B+ with 128k of RAM, a floppy disk drive and an acoustic coupler and modem that enabled me to get onto the Prestel network and other what […]

BY: Michael Price | June 8, 2016


The madness of the Unicorn Hunters

  So many sales people walk through our door and tell that us they want to work for a “Pre-IPO vendor that’s offering stock”. It’s a pathetic and very stupid cliche. I read a very interesting piece online recently about a company that we all know very well called Dropbox and their plans for a potential IPO. […]

BY: Michael Price | March 21, 2016


Is the sky falling down?

I’ve been in recruitment long enough to remember the dotcom bubble. I remember it very well and I also remember its burst. I remember that I first got into recruitment in 1997 and that only a couple of years later crazy stuff was happening in our market. Firstly, there was the prediction that the planes […]

BY: Michael Price | February 25, 2016


The battle for this years numbers will be fought in the meeting rooms of your recruiters, not the offices of your customers.

  I thought I’d take the opportunity in the first blog post of our new format newsletter to introduce you to my forthcoming book “The non-stop recruiter – how to hire the best tech sales talent in any market and any company”.  It should be out just after Easter.   As I approach my 20th […]

BY: Michael Price | February 2, 2016


A product of our environment

  I’m quite fond of silly youtube videos. It’s not unfair to say I’m easily amused. We’ve all watched them, admit it, “Charlie bit my finger” and the funny one of the little girl doing the ALS challenge swearing like a trooper when the bucket of water gets poured onto her head. My favourite though […]

BY: Michael Price | November 13, 2015


If you are good enough you are young enough

  When I first came into recruitment, Oasis and Blur were fighting the battle of Brit-Pop. Mobile phones were BIG. Not as in popular but as in size and girth. I had an Ericsson phone that also doubled as a cosh should a fight break out. Changing times The world has changed quite a bit since then. Particularly […]

BY: Michael Price | April 13, 2015


How do you know if a job is right for you?

  Now really is a great time to be a candidate. As the economy continues to look increasingly positive, more businesses are freeing up budgets to invest in new hires. Indeed, at Inward Revenue we are doing the same and are currently looking to recruit new consultants to join our ever expanding team. But, with […]

BY: Michael Price | December 9, 2014


Why do they leave?

  During lunch with a client last week he was lamenting that a “perfectly good” member of his sales team had up and left to join another company for no apparent reason. I didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth about the guy. A key reason why candidates leave roles in which they […]

BY: Michael Price | December 8, 2014


Sticking to the basics!

  I had an interesting conversation with one of the team this morning about a case he’s working on.  The consultant in question is working with a client who as a former candidate is one of the most talented and exciting salespeople I’ve ever worked with. Armed with a brilliant mind and razor-sharp wit, he’s […]

BY: Michael Price | November 24, 2014


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