Why career progression is vital to hiring

  When many employers think of attracting new talent, most are likely to look at placing job adverts or using LinkedIn. However, it’s all too common to see organisations ignore what is perhaps their biggest marketing tool: existing employees. For anyone looking at a potential career move, one of the best ways to judge if […]

BY: Michael Price | November 6, 2014


Charity begins at home

  For today’s blog post I’d like to share with you an email I sent to our team recently. I’ve had a recurring note in my tasks to “do some CSR” (corporate social responsibility), and I haven’t done a lot about it. I keep looking at the task and moving it on by another week. […]

BY: Michael Price | October 6, 2014


Should I admit that I am out of work?

  “Should I admit that I am out of work?” Given the conversation we just had in the office, I felt compelled to regurgitate an old blog post I wrote a while ago. I’ve been really worried recently by a spate of what I call “DINOSAUR THINKING” in relation to this question. We interviewed a […]

BY: Michael Price | June 23, 2014


Dont go and work for an old mate !

After a significant blogging hiatus its time I picked back up with writing but unfortunately I’m struck with a nasty dose of writers block and so I wanted to reiterate a post I made a while about the regular occurrence of when candidates walk into our offices to tell us that they are looking for […]

BY: Michael Price | June 12, 2014


Quick Charity update

We’re delighted to have supported two really important local charities this week as a result of our referral scheme. St georges Crypt and Elliot’s footprint as a result of completed client and candidate satisfactions surveys with almost £400 raised and donated. Thanks to all the clients and candidates who took the time to fill them […]

BY: Michael Price | May 30, 2014


An open invitation to get cracking!

So, as we approach the August bank holiday thought it might be useful to let some of our readers know that it’s time to get a move on.   The kids go back to school very shortly and soon as they do it’s important that everybody out there understands you have 16 weeks to get […]

BY: Michael Price | August 21, 2013



I’d like to spend some time in today’s blog post talking about a subject that is particularly dear to my heart and that is SELF-ESTEEM. This particular subject is a real soapbox for me and I will explain why. As you know, as a regular reader of this blog, one of the key elements of […]

BY: Michael Price | May 23, 2013


Avoiding Burnout

A personal soapbox of mine is the difference between burnout and rust-out. So often we meet certain candidates who get to a point in their career where it falls into pretty much terminal decline. The predominant reason behind that is that subtly and slowly over a period of time a number of things erode. Market […]

BY: Michael Price | April 29, 2013



In the first of a series of guest blog posts I’d like to introduce Arash Mazinani a very well respected Local image consultant who will be running an occasional slot on a subject that I strongly believe in which is the importance of giving serious thought to your appearance as a sales professional. We’ll also […]

BY: Michael Price | April 8, 2013


Never Mind the Quality ?

So currently one of the key projects on my desk is the development of our Quality Management System as we take Inward Revenue towards ISO9001:2008 accreditation and also towards the highly coveted “audited” award from the industries non compulsory governing body the recruitment and employment confederation. A question that a lot of people have asked […]

BY: Michael Price | March 25, 2013


Let’s work together

We’ve been doing quite a bit of work recently with some rather exciting and interesting global channels and alliances sales positions. Smashing work if you can get it. Big fees, heavyweight , professional and gravitational sales candidates that are a pleasure to deal with. The jobs themselves though seem harder to fill than most. In […]

BY: Michael Price | March 18, 2013


Winning isn’t Everything

  Well firstly id like to say how exciting it is to be writing a blog post on our newly branded blog and web site. It really has been a long time coming and I’m delighted to tell you that this new blog and site is a new visual iteration of what is going to […]

BY: Michael Price | February 20, 2013


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