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What is Quality?

Quality sits at the heart of everything that we do to ensure that we get it right for our clients and candidates. We’re abundantly aware of the impact that the recruitment industry has on the lives of the people that we touch in our daily work and we believe that our responsibility is to ensure the highest levels of quality in every interaction. We particularly apply this principal to data integrity, confidentiality, security and the highest levels of ethical behaviour and compliance.

We are so committed to this principal that we are currently in the process of gaining the coveted ISO 9001 accreditation and more importantly the Recruitment and employment confederations highly challenging “Audited” award. Both of these awards demonstrate a company with world class business process, practice, professionalism and ethical behaviour capable of dealing with any position and you will learn that such awards are unheard of amongst other sales recruiters in the IT industry.

The IRC 50–A Quality GuranteeA Different Candidate Pool