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Recruiting?Looking for a new position?

When you work with Inward Revenue we guarantee that you’ll be happy with the experience.

If after working with us you aren’t we’ll donate a split £100 to our chosen charities of St Georges Crypt and NSPCC.


We view our candidates as clients. We take our candidate relationships seriously and we view those relationships as something that lasts long after you’ve moved into your next role whether Inward Revenue sourced that position for you or not. Candidates become clients and you will notice our strong adherence to our own key practices of consistent contact and relationship management.

Our Promise to You:

    • Some campaigns to find a new role are fast and others less so. Irrespective of where you sit in the “pipeline” we will maintain regular contact with you updating you fully as to the work we have done on your behalf. In some instances this may extend to a detailed written report depending on the nature of our engagement.

    • You will be treated with respect, professionalism and integrity at all times.

    • We will always gain your consent before our submission of any written or identifying details on your behalf.

    • You will be fully prepared before any interview we organise on your behalf.

    • You can expect an adherence to the highest levels of data protection and confidentiality on your behalf.

    • We will maintain regular contact with you. Our policy is to speak to all live candidates once weekly at a bare minimum to update them irrespective of what opportunities we do or don’t have for them.

    • We get our matches right. We listen and we understand and we come back to you with roles that meet your needs.

    • We will ALWAYS return your calls within 4 hours if it involves a live vacancy; within 48 hours if the call is general.